Fashion 101 Project D: Senior Fashion-an Advance style of Fashion

5 六月

senior fashion: an Advance style of fashion

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22 五月

Lynn Dell Cohen : The Countess of Glamour

22 五月

New York is a fashion show and we should dress for the theatre of our lives" by Lynn Dell Cohen

Lynn Dell Cohen as the owner and designer of Boutique She lets it be known that just because you get old, you shouldn’t have to resort to leisure suits to get by on the streets on N.Y.

Visit Lynn’s website

Gitte Lee: Timeless model – a Lady never reveals her age

21 五月

Who said that only younger lady could be a super model?

Gitte Lee prove that senior can also be glamour and stunning by appear in the cover of Vogue Magazine

Dame Vivienne Westwood

20 五月

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well." by Vivienne Westwood

The most eccentric and influential of Britain’s fashion designers

Her Logo is a royal ORB with a cross on top, bejewelled and impressive as befits the Queen of British fashion.

Vivienne Westwood is fashion’s chief architect of revolt. She was once queen of punk and is no stranger to the forms of sabotage that can pave the way for the next upheaval in style or taste.

Her clothes are revolutionary and controversial. Her designs include intentionally twisted seams, intentionally badly cut clothes, designs intended to shock, deliberate contradictions of colour. She ignores conventional fashion directions and goes her own way.

She is queen of the original: bustiers, mens kilts, cone-shaped bras as day wear; classical paintings on underwear; the mini crinoline, fake fur trains, woolly royal crowns and so on.

fabulous seniors

19 五月

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Not fashion doesn’t means no taste

18 五月

I’ve saw this inspiring video that this senior woman talk about  her idea of her “taste"

why I said “taste" instead of “fashion" is because in the beginning of the video she advocated that she is not “fashion"

she doesn’t care about what people think, she just want to dress what she want.

I think it is quite interesting that her taste construct from her life experience, she don’t want her wardrobe become limited by the ageing

and she also being proud of her age.

the senior citizen seems more conscious about “fashion", because they tend to know what they want and needed, and due to the shortage of the fashion information, they will be less influence by the fashion mechanics, which become the filter for their fashion style and help them keep their individual and develop their identity.