Anna Piaggi : Contributor to Vogue Italia and Front Row fixture

23 四月

Style Icon.

Anna Piaggi owns this title.  No two ways about it.  There are only a handful of people who can get away with such fusion of style… Ms Piaggi is one of them.    Creation of such a look takes a particularly trained eye, and luckily enough My Piaggi has two of them.

She has her core essentials of course.

Blue wave fringe, check.
Jauntily placed hat (undoubtedly a Stephen Jones number. They’re close friends of course) Check.  Fingerless leather gloves and cane. Check. Check.
Stained lip, blush and blue eyeliner, Check. Check and check. Good to go.
But let’s get down to business. not only does she look good, Her knowledge and influence of all things fashion have made her, as close friend Manolo Blahnik puts it, ‘one of the last great authorities on frocks’ With, Kaiser Karl also considered on the in.
She takes her position at Vogue Italia very seriously and her double page spreads are considered as one of the most succinct fashion barometers in the industry.


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